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  Posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014
NSCG Monthly Meeting
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1/31/14   NSCG Monthly Meeting

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Disc were sold- The 25 NSCG wizards were sold on a first come-first server basis.

The 2014 Membership drive will probably be held during the last weekend in Feb at The Spring Valley Sunday morning mini.  The annual membership price was set at $30.  It includes a membership card and white towel.  The cost of the swag is about $10, leaving $20 for club activities.

A volunteer weekend for Timber Lane was set for March 22.  The plan is to hold a work morning/mini. Some temp holes are going to be setup to enhance the experience.

It was decided that future meetings will be agenda driven.  Everyone should submit agenda items to Matt Stillwagon prior to the future meetings. He will prepare and run the meetings from an agenda.

NSCG will help Birdshot with prep work on the Higher Power open (3/15/2014)

Status of Bear Branch: The Woodlands not happy with walking trail. New tee signs are coming as well as more work on tee pads

Status of stone bridge: Church wants youth membership to take more ownership of course.  NSCG should make itself available to help design and install the tee pads.

Ideas were discussed on how to get more people to volunteer to clean up courses.

Some plans for kiddo caddy in 2014 were discussed.
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