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  Posted on: Friday, May 12, 2017
WINTER LEAGUE 2017-2018!
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WINTER LEAGUE 2017-2018!!!!!!!

We are working on revised rules and costs for this year. 
We will have all documentation for this year ready and posted for n June 30, 2017. 
At that point, we will be taking 16 teams this year. DO NOT ENTER INTO THIS LIGHTLY! If filled this year, total payout will be nearly $14K!
Last year was fun, but we learned that we need to tweak some things. We've listened, and we are making changes based on what has been said. 
There are 8 established teams:
1. Stonebridge 
2. Spring Valley 
3. TAT
4. Bear Branch 
5. TC Jester
6. River Grove 
7. Northside Christian Church 
8. Inwood 
Some teams have openings, new captain, or need a new captain. 
Courses we think would make good additions to the league:
1. McDade 
2. Jack Brooks
3. Milby
4. Jenkins
5. Evergreen 
6. Moffitt
7. Shawshank 
8. Zube
That's not to say other courses wouldn't work, but these look real good. 
Team sizes will stay the same. 
2 open
2 Advanced 
2 intermediate/Rec
1 woman/Junior (age limit is 16)
3 reserves (any of the above qualify)

There will be a mandatory Captains clinic in September, which will also include one of our biggest changes, the drawing of all regular season matches. October will be the first month of the regular season. 
So if you are interested in being on a team, or being a captain of a team, message me soon and I can answer any and all questions!
Thank you all for the support, and we look forward to an even better season this year!
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