North Side Chain Gang Club Charter


The North Side Chain Gang is a club of disc golfers dedicated to making the communities it serves better through the game of disc golf.  NSCG provides local community service, fundraising to charities, and organized events to recruit new players, while developing current players from the novice all the way up to the professional.

Through these efforts, the club aims to further the game of disc golf and the image of what disc golf can be, and how communities can benefit from working with the club.


In September of 2008, the North Side Chain Gang (NSCG) was formed by a group of disc golfers in the North Houston area.  At the time, the purpose of the club was to organize members in an effort to provide community service at local disc golf courses, as well as offering organized events for local disc golfers.  The club met monthly, and established a chain of command to accomplish all agenda goals from the monthly meetings.

As time went on, the club’s focus evolved as it started branding itself and becoming a known entity throughout Texas.  The club began sponsoring events both locally and throughout the region, while still providing local service to area courses, and providing fundraising for local charities. The base beliefs of the club continue to this day while it continues to branch out to new ventures to further the goals set out in the club’s mission statement.


NSCG, like any club, serves the interests of the local community and the players.  The club has several officer level positions within its structure.  That group of officers is known as the Cabinet.  These individuals are responsible for maintaining organization and forward momentum of club goals through their individual responsibilities.  All positions serve at the pleasure of the membership, and always remains ready to serve the players, the communities, and the game of Disc Golf.  Each cabinet officer has the power to vote, and each vote is counted as 1 vote equal to all other officer votes.


The president is the face of the NSCG.  His/Her responsibilities include:

1. Running all NSCG meetings
2. Supervision of all Cabinet members
3. Serves as a Tournament Director when possible
4. Represents the club at other club meetings as the voice of the NSCG
5. Approves all cabinet appointments, as well as other volunteers for projects
6. The President, as a member of the cabinet, does have a vote.  However, the President’s vote is only utilized in the event of a tie in cabinet voting.  
7. The term for this position is a 2 year commitment.  There is no limit to the number of times that an individual can run for this position, however, the position will be voted on every 2 years.  This vote will be a vote from the total membership, and will take place on Novebmer 30th for every election year.  However, the term for the President is a January 1st- December 31st calendar year.  
8. The President will also be responsible for providing a smooth transition of power to the next president and the future cabinet.


1. Assists in any and all projects assigned by the President and cabinet.
2. In the event of the unexpected departure of any cabinet member (President included), the VP will fulfill the duties of the vacated cabinet position until the end of the term, or until a special appointment for the position can be established by special vote by the current Cabinet.
3. Tournament Director when Possible
4. In the absence of the President for any period of time, the VP assumes Presidential responsibilities until such time as the President returns.
5. VP will run meetings if there is no representation by the President.
6. VP is also the club scribe for any and all meetings.  The pertinent notes from these sessions will be posted on the NSCG website, and NSCG Facebook page no later than 24 hours after the adjournment of any meeting.
7. The VP is responsible for the keeping of historical data from meetings.
8. The term for this position is 2 years, and will be voted on by the general membership every November 30th for every election year.  The term for this position runs from January 1st- December 31st
9. The VP is responsible for assisting in the transition of his responsibilities for the next incoming VP.


1. Serves as the 3rd in command in the event that the President, and VP are unable to fulfill any duties for a period of time for whatever reason.  
2. Maintains a ledger that documents all incoming, and outgoing monies for the club.
3. Provides the financial statements for the club at every monthly meeting.  
4. Responsible for cutting any and all checks or monies to be allotted for approved club purposes.
5. Tournament Director when possible.
6. Works with all mini TD’s to collect all club monies owed in a timely fashion.
7. The term for this position is 2 years, and will be voted on by the general membership every November 30th for every election year.  The term for this position runs from January 1st- December 31st
8. Responsible for assisting in the transition of his responsibilities for the next incoming treasurer.


1. Serves as the 4th in command in the event that the President, VP, and Treasurer are unable to fulfill any duties for a period of time for whatever reason.
2. Maintains an accurate membership listing.
3. Responsible for running the Annual Membership Drive- Held in March of every year.  Membership runs from March 1st- February 28th (29th in a leap year)
4. Updates the Club Facebook page and Club website to reflect any and all membership changes.  
5. Responsible for acquiring and distributing bag tags annually. 
6. Updates the club calendar for both the website and Facebook pages.
7. The term for this position is 2 years, and will be voted on by the general membership every November 30th for every election year.  The term for this position runs from January 1st- December 31st
8. Responsible for assisting in the transition of his responsibilities for the next incoming Man at Arms.


1. Serves as 5th in command in the event that the President, VP, Treasurer, and Man At Arms are unable to fulfill any duties for a period of time for whatever reason.
2. Supervises all Course Stewards
3. Represents the Course Stewards, and their respective course needs at all club meetings.
4. Organizes monthly work days decided on at club meetings.
5. Responsible for establishing communication with any and all parks and recreation for any course deemed to be within NSCG’s Sphere of Influence.
6. The term for this position is 2 years, and will be voted on by the general membership every November 30th for every election year.  The term for this position runs from January 1st- December 31st
7. Responsible for assisting in the transition of his responsibilities for the next incoming Course Czar


These positions are not vote holders at meetings, but will work with vote holders that are representatives at club meetings.  Their functions are vital at the most local levels to the success of all projects.  These are volunteer positions, and carry important weight.  There is no term or limit of term for these positions, but require responsible individuals who are organized.


These individuals are ones who run tournaments or minis for the NSCG.  They are required to be certified officials, and are beholden to the cabinet.  This includes timely and accurate transfer of monies to and from the club for events, establishing staffing when necessary, and all reporting of results on both the club website and the club Facebook page.


This is a position that requires a responsible, self motivated leader.  The individual should work closely with their assigned course, as well as the locals who call that course home.  They are beholden to the Course Czar.  They coordinate with the Course Czar to develop work days.  They report the course needs on a monthly basis to the Course Czar before the club meetings.  They can also organize individual work days apart from the club’s monthly work day schedule.  However, they are NOT to schedule these individual work days in conflict with the assigned Club work day.



NSCG will be holding several tournaments.  They will fall under 2 categories.

1. Sanctioned Tournaments- PDGA sanctioned events ranging from C tier through Majors
2. NSCG Players’ Tour- Unsanctioned events that are minimum 2 round events that are not affiliated with the PDGA.


NSCG Minis are minis sanctioned by the club that follow a guideline that will be required to be followed if the mini is to be affiliated with the club and receive any support from the club.  These requirements include:

1. $2 of every NSCG Mini entry goes to the club fund
2. $3 of every NSCG Mini entry goes to a Traveling Ace Pot.  That pot will be in play for ALL NSCG Minis.  There will be NO capping of the Ace Pot, and payout will be 80% of the accrued pot, with the remaining 20% seeding the next Ace Pot.
3. Recurring minis are required to be added to the NSCG calendar for the full month, and updated before the end of the current month to reflect the upcoming month.  This is to be posted on both the club website and the club Facebook page.
4. TD’s are responsible for turning in an accurate leger and all club monies on a 2 week basis.  The monies and leger can be given to ANY cabinet member, but should ideally be given to the Treasurer directly.  
5. TD’s of NSCG Minis are required to be members in good standing, and the club reserves the right to deny, or revoke the privilege of running NSCG Minis to any individual who fails to meet the aforementioned requirements.


As previously mentioned, club membership will be annually renewed, and the calendar for membership runs March-February.  There will be an annual membership drive that will be based around an event, and requires payment prior to granting of membership.  Annual Dues will be $40, and will include a new NSCG Bag Tag, NSCG swag, and Membership card.

Every year there will be an updated list of benefits for membership.  These will include discounts on certain NSCG events, and local supporting businesses.  Membership beyond the annual membership drive must be handled by the Man At Arms, and can be rolling.  However, that membership, regardless of joining date, will be up for renewal on March of either that year or the following year.

To maintain a positive image for NSCG within the community, members are required to represent the club in a responsible fashion.  The Cabinet can vote to suspend, or revoke membership to any member who is deemed to be in violation.  The expected code of conduct includes out of town conduct at events if ever reported to the Cabinet.  Excessive negative conduct at NSCG events.  Misrepresentation of the club in any arena that is reported back to the Cabinet.

Suspension or Revocation of membership is pending the member representing themselves at a meeting with the cabinet to explain themselves, followed by a vote by the cabinet.  The vote must be unanimous amongst the cabinet for revocation, or 3/5 for suspension.  No suspension shall be levied beyond a 1 month period for first offense, 3 months for second offense, or 6 months for 3rd or beyond offenses.  The offending member will be notified by the cabinet prior to the start of the process.  That notification will include the accusation so that the member can prepare for the meeting of the cabinet.  


Meetings will be held on the first week of every month.  To establish the format and ensure organization the 2017 NSCG Cabinet meetings will only be open to Cabinet members and special invitees for the first 6 months.  After that time, meetings will be open to all who wish to attend.  All in attendance are required to follow meeting rules and formats.  Attendees in violation of the rules may be asked to leave by the Cabinet, and repeat offenders may be banned from attending if the Cabinet unanimously agrees.

Meeting rules- 

With exception of Cabinet members, no individual can speak for more than a 5 minute period.  This will be followed by a maximum of 10 minutes of debate, 2 minutes of rebuttal, and possibly may result in a vote if there is a cabinet nomination, followed by a cabinet member seconding that nomination.  If no vote is held, or if further investigation or research on a matter is required, the matter will be tabled until the following monthly meeting.  

Meeting Agenda-

Meeting agendas will be posted on the NSCG website and the NSCG Facebook page.  These meetings will not be allowed to exceed 90 minutes unless otherwise specified by the Cabinet prior to the start of the meeting.  The order of business will be as follows at every meeting.

1. Calling of meeting to order.
2. Reading of the Agenda 
3. Club financial report
4. Course Czar report and establishment of work day 
5. Old business
6. New business
7. Awards and Accolades if approved


NSCG will host an end of year banquet annually.  This banquet is put on by the club, using club funds, and will be open to all club members, and any special invitees.  This banquet will be held every December, and will consist of a State of the Club address from the President, special awards, and a preview of the year to come.  The official date of the banquet will be posted annually on November 30th.  


Several of our events benefit charities.  While the club is always looking to assist in any way it can, we cannot feasibly do everything every year.  Therefore, charitable donations and events are to be presented a minimum of 2 months from the date of the event at the club meeting.  The cabinet will vote to decide what involvement NSCG will have.  The vote must be carried by a 3/5 majority to pass.  
Sometimes, emergencies happen that may not be able to wait for this 2 month period.  In such an event, a member can approach a Cabinet member to discuss.  The Cabinet can be called into a special session to vote on the matter but must carry the 3/5 majority as discussed above.  


November 30th, 2018 will be the first official cabinet vote for all cabinet positions.  This date will hold true for every November 30th every 2 years after that date.  Persons wishing to run for Cabinet positions must submit their intent to run by October 1st of the election year.  They must provide their reason for running for the position at the November meeting that year, and must receive a second from a club member at the meeting to qualify.  They must also be a member in good standing with the club at the time of the election.

Voting will happen Online only, and only active members in good standing can vote.  All candidates, will be posted on the website and Facebook page for all members to review.


Houston is a very wide are that contains an ever growing amount of courses.  There is no possible way for any 1 club to effectively run the entire disc golf scene here.  As such, it is important to know what courses NSCG considers to be responsible for assistance.  There are many smaller clubs within this area, and NSCG would very much like to work with these clubs, and offer chapters of NSCG opportunities to.  The courses that NSCG feels immediately responsible for providing assistance to are as follows:

1. Shawshank
2. Little Egypt
3. McDade
4. Stonebridge
5. Bear Branch
6. Terramont
7. Spring Valley
8. Northside Christian Church
9. Timber Lane
10. Windwood
11. Zube
12. Texas Army Trail
13. Cypresswood
14. River Plantation


As of the ratification and implementation of this charter on January 1, 2017, NSCG will have been in existence for almost 9 years.  The founders, and subsequent officers and members have worked hard over this time to create what we have now.  The momentum of this progress is crucial to the future of the club, and the sport.  There is no limit to what NSCG can achieve as long as its membership retains the core values and goals of this charter.

As a result, the sitting Cabinet is the only group who can make changes to the charter.  In order to do so, all changes must be done annually, and can only be put into effect if there is unanimous agreement by the cabinet.

North Side Chain Gang remains ready to serve the players, as well as the local community.  Thank you for your support, and we are honored to have you as a member.  

 © 2023, North Side Chain Gang. All rights reserved.