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Welcome to the North Side Chain Gang!

The North Side Chain Gang is a club of Houston area disc golfers who feel that the way to improving disc golf is to donate time and resources in the effort to earn more public acknowledgment of the sport and its wealth of talent on the North Side of Houston. Home to some of the state's most talented players, and some of the best courses in the state, the game is little more than a vastly popular underground sport to the community. 

Through restoration and improvement projects using funds that are properly managed by the club and its officers, and raised through charitable events, minis, and leagues, the sport will grow within the area, and gain popularity and credibility through the good public relations built by donations on behalf of the club. 

Equally, the club also believes that the future of the sport is its youth, and that there is a growing need to bring credible communtiy programs to recruit future stars of tommorow. 

NSCG Presents: 2018 Texas State Disc Golf Championship!

This year TXSDGC travels to the northern burbs of the Houston area known as 'The Northside'.  The 2018 TXSDGC is being hosted by the Northside Chain Gang Disc Golf Club in coordination with Spring Valley Golf & Disc Golf.  The OFFICIAL DATES are pending but will be in the Spring of 2018.  The tournament will be a PDGA sanctioned A Tier and all details related to the event are in the planning stages.  Right now the biggest task is raising sponsorship to insure we meet the obligations of the task.  We already have quite a few signed up and two official 2018 TXSDGC Sponsorship Request Information Packages available! Our goal is not only to meet expectation but to go beyond it! The 2018 TXSDGC committee is organized and already working hard to make this Texas States a memorable one.  More details pending as the event comes together.  Track all current updates via the 2018 Texas States Facebook page

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This year the event travels to the northern burbs of the Houston area known as 'The Northside'.  Read more >>

Registration Opens Tonight: If you can't take the heat, stay outta NCC
Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Northside Christian Church in Spring, Texas
The next event in the NSCG series will take place Saturday, July 15, 2017 at Northside Christian Church in Spring, Texas.

Registration goes live tonight (6/21) at 6pm. 


NSCG Membership Drive - June 17th
NSCG Membership Drive

TAG MATCH on June 17th @ Northside Christian Church

Membership includes new 2017 bag tag, dri-fit shirt, and a cotton (white) towel.  Read more >>

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